More about ExPERT


Within the UK, much of the recent drive for evidence-based policing has stemmed from a focus on achieving effective policing.

Combining this impetus with efforts to boost the value for money obtained from police funding, the College of Policing (CoP) was established in 2012 to work toward supporting the development of an evidence-based profession.

In 2015 the CoP partnered with the Higher Education Funding Council for England and the Home Office to create a £10m Police Knowledge Fund. This initiative aims to foster research collaborations between universities and police forces in the UK.

The ExPERT project was one of the awards made under the Police Knowledge Fund. The team includes:

The study is a strategic alliance between the Devon and Cornwall Police force, the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner and a cross-disciplinary group of staff members at the University of Exeter.  

It aims to develop and sustain capacity amongst police officers and staff for evidence-based practice, to do research that is relevant to the realities of policing and accelerates evidence-based approaches, and to improve knowledge transfer between the police and academia.